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Offering a distinct blend of power-pop, alternative, and contemporary rock, DC-area duo The Slang are comfortable testing genre lines and taking their time to capture the minutiae of modern life. With a laid-back intensity that infuses their music, lead vocalist/multi-instrumentalist John Bobo serves as main songwriter while bassist/multi-instrumentalist Felix Nieto focuses on production. Both artists share a kind of low-key perfectionism: hands-on, hyper-attuned to textural detail, and aware of what elevates a song from good to great. “We want to do it right,” says. “And we’re willing to do whatever it takes to make the best possible track each time.”  

With smooth vocals and striking guitar melodies, The Slang are often compared to popular alt/indie bands like Snow Patrol and The Killers, but with a modern twist and more experimental production value. “We care about the experience, whether on headphones or at a live show,” says Felix, whose production adds a sleekness and edge. John’s introspective lyrics explore singular moments that define human relationships. With three EPs on Spotify-- 2014 Self-Titled, 2016 Night and Day, and 2018 Desperate Times, The Slang released the single “Alibi” in 2017 and a polished pop cover of The Cure’s “Love Song” in 2018. Their debut full-length album Divide, set for 2021 release, will feature the band’s characteristic melodic precision, bright, electric guitar-driven anthems, and top-quality production, but with a more pop-leaning sound.