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The Slang


Recording & Performing Artist

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DC-area alt-rock-pop duo The Slang make tracks that test genre lines, taking their time to capture the minutiae of modern life in song. Their blend of power-pop, alternative, and contemporary rock features smooth vocals and striking guitar melodies, often earning comparisons to bands like Snow Patrol and The Killers but with a modern twist and more experimental production value.


 Lead singer/songwriter John Bobo and bassist/producer Felix Nieto share a hands-on, perfectionist approach to making music, both hyper-attuned to textural and atmospheric detail. Their songs have both an edge and an introspective quality that softens that edge, with lyrical deep-dives into singular moments that make up human relationships. 


With three EPs on Spotify-- 2014 Self-Titled, 2016 Night and Day, and 2018 Desperate Times, The Slang released standalone single “Alibi” in 2017 and a polished cover of The Cure’s “Love Song” in 2018. Their debut full-length Divide, set for 2021 release, will feature the band’s characteristic melodic precision, bright, electric guitar-driven anthems, and top-quality production, but with a more pop-leaning sound that elevates the music to a fresh new level.

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