Friday, June 24

Doors @ 7pm

33 Pearl St SW, Washington, DC 20024


Hailing from Maryland, LJR is a tenacious and passionate pop-rock artist who strives to empower and inspire his audience to live their lives to the fullest.  Seamlessly blending 80's-style pop beats with alternative rock guitar soloes, his music is tremendously anthemic and infesticious while conveying remarkable vulnerability, speaking to those pars of the soul that yearn to heal and grow.

With smooth vocals and striking guitar melodies, The Slang are often compared to popular alt/indie bands like Snow Patrol and The Killers, but with a modern twist and more experimental production value. “We care about the experience, whether on headphones or at a live show,” says Felix, whose production adds a sleekness and edge. John’s introspective lyrics explore singular moments that define human relationships.  Their debut full-length album Divide, released in 2021, featured the band’s characteristic melodic precision, bright, electric guitar-driven anthems, and top-quality production, but with a more pop-leaning sound.

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Around the DMV, Jarreau (juh-ROW) Williams is known as the "man with the golden pipes.” The Alexandria, VA native and 4x Wammie Award winner is a consummate showman and charismatic front-man. His smooth powerhouse vocals fused with electronic 80s-90s modern R&B grooves, beatbox, and nostalgic lyrical innuendo leaves listeners hyped with messages of self love, unity, perseverance, and positive vibes. Expect high-energy, funk, and a unique brand of soulful humor at any of his performances.